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Hen parties in Michaelchurch Escley are getting bigger and better all the time. Hen weekends are fast becoming the norm for a pre-wedding girls celebration, often having more fun than the men. The combo of pampering and partying has become a huge hit!

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The hen party used to be a small gathering of friends at home but now hen parties are big nights out, with fancy dress, party games, cocktails and even male strippers!

today's hen party quote:
...Big girls need big diamonds. - Elizabeth Taylor


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Our tip of the day: Don't rely on chance, make sure every part of the hen weekend is well planned.

  If you are organising a hen party in Michaelchurch Escley it's important to arrange an event that they will find fun, not just you. We've heard of several disastrous hen weekends that seem to have been planned without considering what the bride might want! Here are some more tips for organising a great hen do in Michaelchurch Escley.

1) Keep the alcohol under control. Many hen nights have been ruined by the bride getting too drunk too early, and collapsing in the corner

2) Plan, plan, plan. It's too important a night (or weekend) to just assume it will all work out, especially when a few glasses of wine have been consumed.

3) It might be a good idea to plan your night in another town, away from where you live. It will reduce the prying eyes of people you might know!

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If you're thinking about a full weekend away, then there are lots of fun things you can do, especially if you're prepared to travel a little (and these days it's sometimes quicker and cheaper to get to Europe than London).

Some of the events you might add to your itinerary include:

1) Shopping.  Most modern cities have great shopping, and most girls love to shop!  Is the shopping in Michaelchurch Escley really good, or would it be more fun to go somewhere new?

2) Pampering.  Spa days and spa treatments are a wonderful way to relax and spend time with your friends.  Manicures, massages, Jacuzzis...

3) Fun gifts.  Nothing better than embarrassing the hen with a few naughty gifts - just decide whether she will enjoy the thrill of opening them in a public place or not!


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Hen Scavenger Hunt, Truth or Dare and Pin the XXXXX on the Groom are some of the more popular games to play at a hen party, but there are many more of increasing daring!

There are many different names for a hen party including a bachelorette party and hen night - but they all mean the same thing... a big party night for the soon-to-be-blushing bride. We were told that Canadians talk about the 'Stagette' - but we've never met anyone who could confirm this. The South Africans like to call it a kitchen tea. But that doesn't sound much like a party.


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